What is Catering?

Catering is the field of offering food catering service to a large location or a small site like a restaurant, hotel, pub, concert hall, airport, resort, park, movie studio, production site or amusement park. This is an art form that requires experience and skill. People who have the talent in this field are in demand by different organizations.



Catering has been a part of various events since ancient times. It has also become a part of business and today there are a number of companies involved in this line of business.


Food catering services include all sorts of activities for both indoor and outdoor events. These activities range from weddings to parties and they include all kinds of food for the visitors to your event. A good catering company should provide quality food for your guests. There are many different types of food that can be offered for your event such as buffet, sit down, grill, and barbecue.


Food catering companies have trained staff members who know the ins and outs of the industry. They have the necessary equipment to prepare all the food and beverages. Some of these companies have also been involved in training other catering companies to increase their level of expertise and professionalism. The staff members must be highly qualified and capable of preparing the best possible foods and beverages for your event.


Most of the catering companies also provide services that allow you to choose certain food items at an additional cost. For example, if you plan to offer a number of dishes in one evening, you can ask for a minimum charge per dish.


When planning to provide food services to your event, make sure that you choose the best catering company in town. You will also need to check if they have had any previous clients so that you know whether they can cater for your event effectively. You can even request for samples of their past works and see if they have delivered what they promise.


There are different kinds of catering that you can hire from. You can select between hot food caterers, cold food caterers, and indoor caterers. If you are looking for a more casual event and want to hire staff that can cook on the premises then hiring a hot food catering company would be the best option for you. This kind of company will usually employ people who are experienced in cooking and baking as well as individuals who are experienced in the art of preparing the food and beverages.


Cold food caterers are ideal if you want to serve food and drinks in a hotel, bar or restaurant. This type of catering will hire individuals who are knowledgeable about the dishes that they can prepare for you. as well as the equipment needed to prepare them.


Indoor caterers on the other hand will cook your food and beverages at your establishment. It will involve someone who has expertise in preparing the food and beverages to serve your guests. It will also involve hiring people who are trained in using various cooking appliances. These caterers usually offer services like, grills and hot and cold food stoves.