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An online pharmacy, or post-marketing drug store is a specialty pharmacy that functions online and directly sends prescriptions to clients through mail, online pharmacy website, or other online pharmacy web portal. This type of pharmacy may also offer to dispense prescription drugs through the use of email or over the telephone.

Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs also typically have their own Web sites in addition to an e-mail marketing system. Their websites contain a variety of information about their products including a detailed description, a pharmacist’s name, the pharmacy address, a customer service number, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Some online pharmacies have separate pages that include both a physical address and contact information for the pharmacy’s pharmacists, and others have their Web site and email addresses listed on the same page.

Online pharmacies that directly sell prescription drugs usually do not advertise on television or radio. Instead, they rely on word of mouth referrals from clients or doctors that are satisfied with the pharmacy’s performance and quality of products. Many people will tell a friend or two if they find that a specific online pharmacy does a good job of providing them with quality medications.

When a potential client decides to order a medication from an online pharmacy they should read the pharmacy’s privacy policy and complete the order form. It is also important that the customer understand what they are ordering and exactly how it should be delivered. Online pharmacies should also clearly explain their return policies, return postage, and other terms of the service, and should be able to provide information regarding prescription drug coverage through their insurance company.

Several websites feature prescription drug reviews online and these reviews can be useful tools in making a purchasing decision. There are some websites that also offer advice and tips for choosing a reputable online pharmacy.

Online pharmacies can be very convenient medications. They can help reduce overall costs associated with medication by eliminating the need to drive to and from a store. There is no need to worry about returning medications because of broken or lost prescriptions and there is no need for extra time to make phone calls to obtain a refill. Also, there is no need to wait in lines at the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, since a prescription drug online is typically available within minutes of purchase.

Online pharmacies also have an advantage over brick-and-mortar pharmacies in that most of them do not charge sales tax. This means that a patient will be able to save on any applicable state and federal taxes, which can add up to thousands of dollars over a year. In some states, online pharmacies are allowed to charge lower over-the-counter prices, meaning that a patient may be able to save even more money.

The main disadvantage of an online pharmacy is that they are not as accessible as a traditional one. Many of these pharmacies offer only a toll free number for customer inquiries and have limited hours. This is a disadvantage for patients that live out of town, because they must still make phone calls to obtain refill information and other information.